Radmila Dmitrovic, Biljana Lazovic, Isidora Simonovic, Antonio Esquinas, Mersudin Mulic


Introduction and case report: We described a case of primary spontaneous partial pneumothorax in a middle-aged man with COVID-19 pneumonia who presented with fever, loss of appetite, and malaise. Laboratory results revealed higher levels of inflammatory markers, as well as sterile urine and blood cultures. On admission, a chest X-ray revealed bilateral patchy consolidations in the lung parenchyma, as well as a left-sided partial pneumothorax. Throughout his hospitalization, the patient was closely examined by a thoracic surgeon, and a chest X-ray was taken on multiple occasions. There was spontaneous resorption of air from the pleural space. Conclusion: Pneumothorax is a rare but serious complication of the COVID-19 infection that has recently been documented in patients with no comorbidities, requiring various types of ventilatory support. The precise mechanism of primary spontaneous pneumothorax in COVID-19 infection is unknown, but it will undoubtedly pose a challenge to future researchers.


primary spontaneous pneumothorax, partial, COVID-19, treatment

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