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Introduction: Although tamponade due to pericardial  effusion that develops in advanced stage lung cancer is rare, it is a life threatening complication. Case report: 59 and 72 years old 2 female patients diagnosed with cardiac tamponade were hospitalized in Cardiology Clinic of Balıkesir State Hospital. Massive pericardial effusion that caused diastolic collapse of right ventricle was detected in their echocardiographies. Inoperable lung cancer was diagnosed as a result of  bronchoscopy performed due to pathologies observed in their radiograms. Despite repeated pericardiocentesis, fluid continued to accumulate rapidly. Hence, pericardioperitoneal window was formed through subxifoid route to obtain continuous drainage in both patients. Significant pericardial effusion didn’t develop in echocardiographies in the 2nd and the 6th month post-operative follow-ups. Conclusion: Subxiphoid pericardioperitoneal window is a simple, safe and effective surgical procedure. It may be performed in some patients with malignant tamponade.


Pericardioperitoneal window, lung cancer, pericardial tamponade

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