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Introduction: Malakoplakia is a rare granulomatous inflammatory disorder of infectious etiology that most often involves the urinary tract. Because it is so rare and can present in several different ways, malakoplakia poses a difficult diagnostic challenge.

Case report: We report an unusual clinical case of bladder malakoplakia in a 75-year –old man. He presented to urologist with hematuria, burning on urination, urinary urgency and frequency. Cystoscopy evaluation revealed yellowish polypoid lesion with easy bleeding in the trigone of the bladder. Microscopic evaluation showed acidophilic, foamy histiocytes (Von Hansemann cells) admixed with Michaelis-Gutmann inclusions. The final postoperative diagnosis was malakoplakia of the bladder.

In conlusion, we reported a case of malakoplakia of the bladder diagnosed with minimally invasive approach by transurethral resection. It is important to be aware of this rare granulomatous disease as accurate diagnosis with antibiotic treatment can prevent possible complications.


Malakoplakia; Bladder; Transurethral resection

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