Mersudin Mulic, Biljana Lazovic, Dzemail S Detanac, Dzenana A Detanac, Rade Milic, Vladimir Zugic


Introduction: Localized interlobar effusions in congestive heart failure (phantom or vanishing lung tumor/s) are infrequent, but widely recognized entities.

Case report: A 80-years-old woman affected by progressive dyspnea over the previous three months, with productive cough. She was treated hypertension and had a pace maker implanted due to bradycardia. Chest X ray has shown right side pneumonia with high positive inflammatory markers.  After resolution of pneumonia, phantom tumor of the lung was revealed, which disappear with intensive loop diuretics.

Conclusions: The diagnosis of the phantom tumor ought to be pondered as a possibility in any patient with congestive heart failure and lung mass. The patient at hand featured no prior history of congestive heart failure, hence indicating that phantom tumor may occur in non-chronic heart failure patients. Albeid the reliable diagnosis of the phantom tumor through the utilization of imaging modalities in patients without congestive heart failure can be rather challenging, such possibility must be considered in a patient with a lung mass in the major fissure of the lungs. Due to accelerated expansion of the geriatric population and subsequent spread of the congestive heart failure, a rise in the incidence of vanishing tumors of the lung may be anticipated.


congestive heart failure, loop diuretics, vanishing tumor

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