Stojan Sekulic, Aleksandra Sekulic-Frkovic, Andrijana Milankov


Meckel's diverticulum is a rest of omphalenteric's channel. It is a congenital anomaly of the small intestine. It can be found in about 2% of the population.The diagnosis of Meckel's diverticulum is generally applied randomly during surgical intervention. 22 year old girl, admitted to the clinic with the clinical picture of acute appendicitis. After 20 hours observation, intestinal permanence -- ileus, was diagnosed. After a brief reanimation and anesthetic preparation, the girl was operated. Operationally we found a normal appendix. Exploration of the abdomen fortified Meckel's diverticulum at a distance of 75 cm from the ileocaecal mouth of the ileum. Diverticulum was completely filled with peanuts, and torsio around its axis which caused the ileus.We performed diverticulectomy and appendectomy. The patient had a rapid and successful postoperative course.


Meckel's; diverticulum; ileus; torsio

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