Sonja Genco Genadieva Stavrik, Aleksandra Grozdanova, Katerina Ancevska Netkovska, Magdalena Genadieva Dimitrova, Gligor Dimitrov


Biomedical products are complex molecules, produced by living cells. More accurately, they are molecules that are naturally produced in the human body, like hormones or growth factors, monoclonal antibodies, blood products, immunological medicinal products, sera and vaccines, allergens, and advanced technology products such as gene and cell therapy products. Copies of these drugs, known as biosimilars, are comparable but not identical and are not generic version of innovator biological products. Specific regulatory requirements and abbreviated registration process apply in the case of biosimilars, in order to demonstrate efficacy and safety profile and to prove that product is similar to the original biomedical product.

            Like all medicines, biological medicines work by interacting with the body to produce a therapeutic outcome, but the mechanisms by which they do this may vary from product to product and through indications. Therefore the role of the physicians in treatment of patients with these complex medicinal products is particularly important.

            Regulatory issues, manufacturing, safety, physicians have part in develop use of biosimilars as much as generic drugs. Even though, the most important factor for market of biosimilar are commercial factor, still, real clinical dilemma of use are present, so it is necessary to have clear regulatory framework and postmarketing data on the use of biosimilars.


biosimilars, innovate product, monoclonal antibodies, regulatory

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