Olumuyiwa Ayotunde Ogunlaja, Gbemi Ano-Edward, Akintunde O Fehintola, Michael A Alao, Olufemi T Awotunde, Idowu P Ogunlaja, Olurotimi Aaron, Ajibola Idowu, Funmito O Fehintola, Matthew O Bojuwoye, Sunday A Oladeji, Matthew E Lasisi


Ectopic Choriocarcinoma is an extremely rare occurrence. The case of ectopic choriocarcinoma discussed here involved a 12 year old girl who presented with lower abdominal pain and dizziness following a short period of amenorrhea after attaining menarche. A provisional diagnosis of ruptured ectopic gestation was made based on the clinical evaluation and patient had emergency laparotomy. Histopathology report revealed a choriocarcinoma of the ovary. Patient defaulted on subsequent follow up care. This case is presented as an eye opener on the need to also focus on the reproductive health challenges, early sex education in preteen and rare occurrence of the disease amongst the Pre-teenage groups. It is also important to deal with the possibility of a non gestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary which has a worse prognosis.


Ectopic Choriocarcinoma, Preteenage, ruptured ectopic gestation, departed against medical advice.

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