Peter O Okokhere, Kennedy Iredia Akhuemokhan, Kolawale W Wahab, Theophilus O Akhigbe, George O Akpede


Multiple cerebral tuberculomas complicating miliary tuberculosis are a rare occurrence. It is rarer still for multiple cerebral tuberculomas to present without focal neurological deficits. We report the case of a middle-aged Nigerian male with the co-morbidity of miliary tuberculosis and multiple cerebral tuberculomaswho presented without focal neurological deficits buthad complete resolution of symptoms and signs following a 6-month course of antituberculous therapy. This unique case emphasizes the need for a high index of suspicion in the diagnosis of atypical presentations of cerebral tuberculomas while also further illustrating the place of computed tomographic scan of the brain in diagnosis. The case also illustrates the place of therapeutic trial in management.


Multiple cerebral tuberculomas, index of suspicion, therapeutic trial, Nigeria.

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